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Hamsterley Forest, County Durham, North East England

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Neil White

Neil White

Ever since I first started mountain biking in 1993 Iíve been addicted. Itís more than a hobby to me itís an obsession. Iíve moved through the disciplines as Iíve grown older, from downhill (DH) in the mid to late 90ís right up to the present day cross country (XC) and all mountain riding I do now.

I've been lucky enough to gain experience from riding in locations throughout the UK and Europe and racing in DH, XC and Enduro as Iíve gone along. My passion for mountain biking is matched equally by my passion for coaching this fantastic sport.

The venue for my skills coaching sessions is Hamsterley Forest. Iíve ridden there since I first started mountain biking and have watched it evolve into a venue that challenges beginners, intermediate and advanced riders alike. Its trails hold up to bad weather well and thereís even a cafť stop at the end to reflect on the skills youíll have learnt that day.

The type and nature of coaching is there for all to see on the website, but importantly the finer details are tailored to the group on the day so that the coaching is as progressive and effective as it can possibly be.


MBI® Mountain Bike Coach
MIAS Level 2 Mountain Bike Instructor
Outdoor First Aid (Incident Management)

Facilities at this location

  • Car Park - Yes
  • Bike Hire Ė Yes (contact us)
  • Cafť Ė Yes
  • Toilets Ė Yes
  • Bike Wash Ė Yes
  • Showers - No
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